A Tapawingo Story

A couple of days ago we received a call from a man asking if he could visit Tapawingo. Brad said, “Sure.”  Years ago he had attended as a camper.  Today we met him.  When he was 11 years old an anonymous donor gave him a camp scholarship to attend summer camp at Tapawingo. His family did not attend church, but, he decided to go. He heard about God’s love for him and accepted Christ as his Savior.  Life went on and without the influence of other believers he drifted from experiencing God in his life. Fourteen years ago he sensed God calling him back into relationship and rededicated his life to serving God.  The last fourteen years of life have been a little rough and so today he sensed God speaking to him again to return to the place where he first met God. He said he needed time to straighten things out. When he returned I am not sure if it was the gentle rain on his face or the tears that were shed, but, we witnessed another transformation. Serving at Tapawingo is a constant reminder that we are all pieces of a larger puzzle that God is gently putting into place and when we each play our part beautiful pictures unfold.