Tapawingo Leadership Retreat 2022


Arrive at Tapawingo on Friday anytime after 6:30 pm,  Have some snacks, settle in and Session #1 starts at 7:00 pm.  We will provide Breakfast & Lunch on Saturday and our last session will end at 4:00 pm.  Don’t forget to bring your own bedding and a notebook to take notes!! 

Meet Geoffrey Wampach our Guest Speaker


I was born to an incredibly close and loving family,  I was raised next door to my paternal cousins and spent every Sunday with my maternal aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Perhaps it was under my grandmother’s Christ-centered care that I grew to put Jesus as a priority in my life. It also could have been her gentle counseling- which was her profession- that developed my way of being that put listening to and helping people as core components of who I am. In the seventh grade, a neighbor invited me out to a church retreat with Camp Tapawingo. I agreed to go, and at this retreat, I heard the gospel in full and experienced it for the first time. I learned that to be Christian was more than to avoid sin- it is a personal relationship with the God of the universe- who left His glory to suffer death and humiliation for my sake so that I could enjoy eternal life with Him. I finally felt fulfilled. I felt an overflow of selfless love and compassion in light of the love and compassion I had experienced with God in my heart for the first time. It was from this time that I grew to have Jesus as the center of who I am. From the time of this church retreat and onwards, I grew a passionate fire for being in a relationship with Jesus. I actively sought to join and participate in youth group to ask questions about the Christian faith, and to spend time with the Lord- both in prayer and in service. Fast forward and this year will mark my eighth year as a youth leader volunteering at the church I was a student at all those years ago. I have a Masters in Counseling from Western Seminary and have been working with families involved in Child Protective Services for the past five years. This year will also mark the fifth anniversary for my wife and myself.

A note from Brad & Jane: 

We are super excited about LEADERSHIP RETREAT 2022 .  We will be offering really great teaching on knowing yourself as a leader and knowing those you lead.  Come Friday night and stay through Saturday afternoon. 

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